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My first radio was a cheap little 23 channel I bought from one of the customers on my news paper rout when I was 14 years old (1976), . We had a raffle at my grade school and I sold tickets to my customers. One of them won a CB radio and an mobile antenna. He was 60 plus years old and I knew he wouldn't want it so I offered him $25 and he sold the kit to me. I mounted the radio in my bedroom and ran the coax out my window. Whenever the car was home I would have my parents park it outside my window so I could use the car antenna.

Later someone from our church found out about it and offered to set me up better. First he got me a ringo base antenna (I think that's what it was called) for only $25. Then he took my radio to do some work on it. When he brought it back there was a box with a selector switch on it. it had 1-4 written on one switch position and 915 on another. He said if I have it on 1-4 then channels 1 through 4 were normal, when I put in on 915 then channels 1 through 4 were actually 915, 925 and so on. He said that I could put 6 more crystals in it for more channels when I get money..

At that time all the channels were full. Everyone had their favorite channel and would stick to it. I chose ch. 17 for some reason. Every week  most channels would have a meeting they called a "coffee break" where they would meet at a restaurant to eat and talk in person. My channel did it Saturday mornings at a pancake house, Bylsma's Pancake House on Leonard st. in Grand Rapids, MI..

There was courtesy amongst all the users. It was a better time, everyone was friendly.

For me, this only lasted about 2 years, until I was 16 or 17, then life became too busy.

When I was 21 I got the itch again and I had money so I was able to get back into it in a much bigger way. I owned a pet shop, a 2 story building, a Camaro Z28 and a Chevy Van.
In the pet shop I had a Cobra 2000 and a 200 watt amp. On the high roof I had a 3 element beam and on the lower roof I had a regular ground plane.
In the Camaro I had a President Grant (the export with a giant heat sink on the back) with an ABC switch. It was putting out 30 watts AM and swinging to 40 on SSB (that's to the best of my memory). I also had a boot that was supposed to boost the whole thing up quite a bit but I can't remember how much. For an antenna I had a 6' Moonraker Mobile magnet mount. In the van I had a President Jackson (another export with a giant heat sink on the back). This one only put out 20 on AM and 30 on SSB but I also had a boot in there boosting it up to around 300 watts, I think, that was a long time ago, like 1984,5 &6, so I'm not sure.
I got busy again and sold everything, I'm really kicking myself in the but for that...

Now I'm 55 and I'm craving it again, but I don't have the money that I did before, with a wife and kids, there are other places the money has to go. Anyway, I was given a Radio Shack radio for free from a church member. With that I made a connection with someone on ch.30 who sold me a couple of radios I'm really happy with.
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